The Safe Project
with a Difference.

Fairsafe is an auto-staking, deflationary and decentralized community token
created to fight against the many dangerous tokens that are out on Pancakeswap.
Aiming to provide a space for new crypto users to learn about Blockchain, De-Fi, and NFT’s.

Meet Safy!

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So What Makes
fairsafe Unique?



Unlike other projects on BSC Fairsafe aims to evolve and adapt to technology.
The founder knew that interoperability is important. We chose to start the journey
on BSC because of the sheer amount of users flooding in due to popular community tokens.

Fairsafe is a long-term project planned to last for many years ahead.
This is why we are already exploring the idea of introducing BSC users to other networks. 

Our plan in the future is to implement Fairsafe on Polygon (Matic).

Why Polygon?

Because Polygon offers the security and decentralization that Ethereum offers
while also giving users the advantage of gasless and instant transactions.


How many $FSAFE tokens exist?

1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion) 40% BURNED!
– Blackhole wallet that takes the supply

45% Circulating Supply
– $FSAFE in everyone’s wallet

15% Community Fund (2 Year Lock)
– Charity, Community, Marketing, and Development.

Next Community Fund Release: 13 Jul 2021 at 14:11(BST)
Amount of $FSAFE Released: 18,850,034,187,462 $FSAFE


Fairsafe transactions are taxed 8% this is to reward people who hold!

– 3% is given back to holders.
The bigger the wallet the more it receives

– 5% is added to the liquidity pool to lessen price impact on trades

Safety first

Liquidity locked? Yes! 4 years in Dxsale.

Contract renounced? Yes! This means that no one owns the contract anymore.

Audited? Yes here is our first audit: Solid Group
We don’t stop there we are getting a second audit from CertiK!

How can I get  $FSAFE?



1. Deposit BNB in your wallet of choice (MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc.)
2. Click on the Aposwap icon on our website
3. Connect your BSC wallet to Aposwap.
4. If using Pancakeswap Set slippage to at least 11% and select the amount of
FSAFE you want to buy.
5. Hold onto your FSAFE and absorb transaction taxes automatically!

Our team members will never message you directly.
Be aware of scammers trying to snatch your FSAFE away!

For your safety, please only use the following links if you intend to trade:




The very first Mythical Safy NFT!

I have $FSAFE what now?



Now you have some $FSAFE you can enjoy the 3% redistribution on each transaction.
The more $FSAFE you have the more $FSAFE your wallet receives!

We also have a Snapshot where you can make proposals on the project.
$FSAFE holders will be able to vote with their $FSAFE, more $FSAFE = heavier voting weight.

Users are also able to farm points with $FSAFE to claim Safy NFT’s on our Marketplace.

Safy’s Journey

Here is our current roadmap for 2021

Quarter 2

– Launch Fairsafe
– Expand Fairsafe Team
– Launch Safy NFT’s
– Begin creation of educational content
– Marketing push
– Ease of accessibility

Quarter 3

– Begin development of Blockchain game
– Explore solutions for Polygon migration
– Release of $SAFY Token: Utility token
– Launch stand alone NFT Marketplace

Legal Disclaimer 

Adding liquidity to the PancakeSwap V1 pool allows for the trading of FSAFE tokens. When adding liquidity, a user is granted LP (liquidity pool) tokens which represent ownership of their initial investment. By locking away our LP tokens, we are essentially locking away our right to remove liquidity. Users can freely buy and sell FSAFE.

By purchasing FSAFE, you agree that you are not purchasing a financial security/asset and you agree to not hold the team liable for any losses or taxes you incur.
You should also understand that the team has represented FSAFE “as is” and is not obligated to provide any additional support/services.

Fairsafe is a community-driven token. The value is driven directly by the demand and supply of holders.
Fairsafe does not promise that the FIAT value of your token holdings will increase with every transaction.
Only that the token balance will increase with every transaction.

Please note that there are always risks associated with smart contracts.
Please trade at your own risk. The Fairsafe team members are not registered, brokers or investment advisors.
We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by your investment decisions.
Please be aware of the inherent risk of investing and trading in the cryptocurrency market.
Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose and make sure to consult
a qualified financial advisor before making any decisions.